1. 16 Sep '14, 12pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Here wishing you Good Health, Good Luck, safety and Good Fortune. May you be blessed in all aspects of your life. I just want to say Thank you to you for your effort and commitment in building our Country, a place that I love to live and proud to be a Singaporean. We must always remember who have built a marvelous and safe Country. Long Live our Mentor Ministry. When I think of Singapore, I think of 1 gentleman that I always Respect and salute.

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  2. 15 Sep '14, 6am

    Now it's over. The'stats'of all the items in Wrath of the Lich King onwards have been adjusted to where your character in Mists of Pandaria would have to hit 300,000 points, but Warlords of Draenor will approach rather 20,000-30,000. All monsters, of course, also fit this change. If your fireball removed 20% of the life of a monster, does the same damage on after this modification.Change comes for two reasons : partly to better understand the'stats', partly for practical reasons. The design leader Ion Hazzikostas meetings explained that we had already reached the limit of how much life could be a raid boss - just the size of the number that could handle the game engine. This is one of the reasons why Garrosh is cured as much as the last battle in the Siege raid Orgrimmar.

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  3. 22 Aug '14, 5am

    I find the touts in Lombok to be less aggressive than in Bali and thank goodness because it can get rather tiresome after some time.

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  4. 22 Aug '14, 1am

    Very nice place, you can just relax and pretty much do whatever.

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  5. 21 Aug '14, 3am

    Most of the sea life in the waters around the island is of the friendly variety.

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  6. 20 Aug '14, 9am

    Beware of the alcohol in Indonesia! Several people have died the last years in methanol- poisoning! DO NOT buy ANY COCKTAILS! And DO NOT buy ANY alcohol in store. They mix or make the alcohol be diluted with methanol. It is extremely DANGEROUS! BEWARE!

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  7. 20 Aug '14, 4am

    The food was very mediocre. The service was friendly. The biggest issue, of course, is the fact that they tried to make a few bucks by cheating on their bills.

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  8. 17 Aug '14, 9pm

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  9. 15 Aug '14, 3am

    This isn't a very complex idea.

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  10. 14 Aug '14, 6am

    You can find plenty of info if you spend enough time with Axis Capital Group, Singapore site.

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  11. 14 Aug '14, 2am

    Usually a quick online search will give a prescriptive legal structure, but I can't find much written online this time. This isn't a very complex idea, so I wonder why I can't find more information.

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  12. 13 Aug '14, 2pm
    I bought an iPhone Case In this house, the quality of good service is also very good.

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  13. 13 Aug '14, 7am

    This should be a basic knowledge to everyone.

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  14. 13 Aug '14, 4am

    Strategy is about value, not about money so keep accountants away from the strategic debate, no matter how kind, warm, smart and useful in running a business.

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  15. How to Acquire Equipment 21 Jul '14, 4pm
    01 Aug '14, 8am

    Go for established companies.

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  16. How to Acquire Equipment 21 Jul '14, 4pm
    01 Aug '14, 3am

    Get with a company which operates everything, put in your time, show your willing to learn, run packers and shovel like mentioned above, then start playing in skidsteers when you have the chance and if you have a head on your sholders and your supervisor can see that, the next thing you know you'll start doing dirt work on a grader and messing around in hoes.

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  17. How to Acquire Equipment 21 Jul '14, 4pm
    31 Jul '14, 7am

    The ticket isn't worth the paper it is written on. The way is like allot of other trades, take a huge cut in pay and prove yourself. With a hoe you can’t pull a grade so your loading trucks, with a dozer you won’t be able to shape so its bulking out material, get on a packer and help the good hands shovel out their tracks and grease their machines, ask questions, they put a good word and away you go.

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  18. How to Acquire Equipment 21 Jul '14, 4pm
    31 Jul '14, 6am

    Some will save money in the crazy way. Where are the safety fences?

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  19. 31 Jul '14, 4am

    Just been looking on line for insurance for my new skyranger, and have found a company called Axis Capital, NE. As any one used them before or know of them?

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  20. 19 Jul '14, 5am

    I guess they expected a hue and cry from the public when NLB made this move. Those in positions of control eager to please their masters should realise that its not so easy to get away with these kind of decisions. They are slow to learn because they have been doing this for so long and getting away with it that it becomes a reflex action. Al this "wayang" hurts the credibility of the oragnisation whose purse strings are held by the government so all know where the instructions come from. One must be really dense if one can's sense this. Perhaps the good thing is that NLB will review its processes. There is always a sliver lining with a dark cloud,

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  21. Travel Cheap 09 Jul '14, 10am
    18 Jul '14, 7am

    If you're traveling domestically, be sure to hit your own bank before leaving for your trip; that way you won't arrive short on cash and have to immediately search for an ATM. Further, you will save on ATM fees at machines run by someone other than your own bank.

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  22. 17 Jul '14, 8am

    Just a thought, but if your business stocks materials that can be used to make part of explosives and it's found out that it was stolen from you, could not a small business be sued for failure to secure it?

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  23. Travel Cheap 09 Jul '14, 10am
    17 Jul '14, 2am

    Once your travel is booked, you should look into placing "stop" orders on any regularly occurring deliveries or services. These may include postal mail, newspapers, housecleaners and the like. If you want particular services to continue (such as landscaping), consider paying in advance if this is not your usual arrangement.

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  24. 14 Jul '14, 9am

    It's very hard to provide an insured a convincing argument for the need of TRIA.

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  25. 14 Jul '14, 3am

    Insurance is far worse here in Jakarta.

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  26. 11 Jul '14, 3am

    I worked in broadcast tv for 9 years during my 20s and always had health insurance and other benefits from the companies. I worked for 4 different tv stations.

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  27. Travel Cheap 09 Jul '14, 10am
    11 Jul '14, 3am

    Travel off-peak.

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  28. 11 Jul '14, 1am

    As to what I understand, if insured acquisitions coverage for certified acts however "other acts" are excluded - the "other acts" exclusion doesn’t apply to losses that would have been "certified" if not for the act being under $5M.

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  29. 10 Jul '14, 5pm

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  30. 10 Jul '14, 4am

    This is the reason countless risks that are concerned about possible exposures to terrorism opt to purchase coverage for "certified" and also "non-certified" acts of terrorism. This is a separate contract, not TRIA. So, you purchase the separate policy and reject the TRIA offer from your property carrier.

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